2022/2023: "A Prospetiva em Portugal: reflexões sobre os 30 anos de encontros da Arrábida, 1992-2021"

Publication in preparation, with the support of Fundação Oriente
Publication date: 2023
Coordination: Manuel Heitor and João Ferreira do Amaral

2022-2030: "K4P Alliances – Knowledge for People, The Planet and Prosperity, through Partnerships"

"White Paper" presented and discussed in the Arrabida Meeting of September 2022
Coordination: Manuel Heitor

2022/2023: "Collaborative Innovation - New institutional architectures fostering innovation-based growth"

Publication in preparation
Context: Institutional innovations promoting the diversification and densification of the research landscape together with multidirectional knowledge flows in a global system of increasing fragmented production.
Coordination: Manuel Heitor with Ana Gonçalves, José Luis Encarnação, Joana Mendonça

2022/23: Networks of Opportunity

Publication in preparation
Context: How Global Universities Can Open New Pathways to Social and Economic Growth
Coordination: Manuel Heitor, José Moura and João Barros

Since 2018: “Gago Conferences in European Science Policy”

    Series of European Conferences in collaboration with Ciência Viva and IN+/IST, https://www.cienciaviva.pt/gagoconf-landing
  • 1st Gago Conference: February 14th 2018 - Policy Perspectives for Cancer Research in Europe, Porto; Portugal
  • 2nd Gago Conference: September 21st 2018 - Science, society and policy towards a Europe of knowledge, Vienna; Austria
  • 3rd Gago Conference: October 15th 2018 - Greening Europe: the next challenge for science and science policy, Nicosia; Cyprus
  • 4th Gago Conference: June 13th 2022 - Europe supporting young researchers in times of uncertainty, Brussels; Belgium
  • 5th Gago Conference: October 6th 2022 - Cancer research: society at the frontiers of knowledge, Heidelberg; Germany
  • Foreseen:
    • 6th Gago Conference: 23-24 October 2023 - Challenges and opportunities in Advanced Computing for Europe, BSC, Barcelona, Spain
    • 7th Gago Conference: Winter 2023 - Advances in Earth Observation and challenges for science policy: Global Europe and the Global South, dates and venue to be defined

Coordination: Manuel Heitor, Rosalia Vargas, Julio Celis, Teresa Riera Madurell