Driven by dreams: Have we arrived? Haven't we arrived? 30 years of Arrabida Prospective meetings, 1992-2022

This book includes essays and reflections that have resulted from the annual Prospective Meetings of Arrábida, held since 1992 and which aim to analyze their impact on Portugal's development (in Portuguese).

Orient Foundation
Lisbon, 2024

K4P Alliances White Paper: Knowledge for People, the Planet and Prosperity through Partnerships

A White Paper aiming to promote an international joint venture to strengthen thetransatlantic dialogue and the cooperation with the Global South, with emphasis inAfrica and Latin America.

December 2022

A knowledge-based society under catalysis: a personal summary, and some naive proposals for action

Edited transcription of José Mariano Gago's closure concluding the conference on "Flanders Future as a Knowledge society from an international perspective"

Brussels, Palace of the Academies, November 28, 2014

Europe needs more scientists
Report by the High Level Group on Increasing Human Resources for Science and Technology in Europe

This report was produced by a group of experts to identify specific actions or policy measures which, within the context of the European Research Area, could help towards the 3% goal. At the Barcelona summit, heads of state called for an increase in the proportion of European GDP invested in research from 1.9% to 3%. In terms of human resources, it was estimated that an extra half a million researchers would be needed to meet that goal.

The group conducted a review of the main factors affecting the development of human resources from the research institutions and industries employing R&D personnel, to the educational process from the secondary schools to universities, and to public opinion. An extensive consultation process forms the basis for the group's recommendations.

European Commission
Report by the High Level Group on Increasing Human Resources for Science and Technology in Europe, 2004
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
2004 — 187 p. — 21.0 x 29.7 cm
ISBN 92-894-8458-6

Europe needs more scientists - Conference 2004

European Commissioner for Research Philippe Busquin appointed the High Level Group on Human Resources for Science and Technology in Europe – in May 2003 – chaired by José Mariano Gago, former Minister of Science and Technology, Portugal.

This brochure presents a summary of the Group’s findings, first published in April 2004, on how to reinvigorate scientific careers and prospects in Europe – and of the proceedings of the conference coinciding with the launch of the report under the same title.

European Commission
EUR 21224 – Increasing human resources for science and technology in Europe
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
2004 – 20 pp. – 21.0 x 29.7 cm
ISBN 92-894-8459-4

Science in School and the Future of Scientific Culture in Europe

Edited by Joan Solomon and Jose Mariano Gago

European Commission
Science in School and the Future of Scientific Culture in Europe
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
1998 — 700 pp. — 17 χ 24 cm
ISBN 92-828-4382-3

Prospectiva do Ensino Superior em Portugal (1994)

Study financed by the European Social Fund within the scope of technical assistance to PRODEP, carried out by the Instituto de Prospectiva for the Ministry of Education

Gago, José Mariano, Prospectiva do Ensino Superior em Portugal. Portugal. Ministério da Educação. Dept de Programaçao e Gestao Financeira, DEP-GEF; Instituto de Prospectiva (Portugal). Lisboa: Ministério da Educação, DEP-GEF, 1994

The European Challenges Post–1992: Shaping Factors, Shaping Actors

Edited by Alexis Jacquemin and David Wright Edward Elgar—Aldershot & Vermont, 1993, ISBN 1 85278 829 1, 1 85278 830 5 (paperback). (480 pages).

What major long-term factors will shape the European Community post-1992? Who are the central actors, how will they exert influence on Europe's future, and what are their expectations and intentions?
The European Challenge Post-1992 includes contributions by the former Commissaire du Plan (Brussels), the Institute of International Economics and Management (Copenhagen), Commissariat General du Plan (Paris), Kiel Institute of World Economics (Kiel), Foundation of Economic and Industrial Research (Athens), Economic and Social Research Institute (Dublin), Centro Studi Investimenti Sociali (Rome), Institut Universitaire International (Luxembourg), Scientific Council for Government Policy (The Hague), Instituto de Prospectiva (Lisbon), Fundacion Empresa Publica (Madrid), McKinsey & Co. and the Policy Studies Institute (London).

The product of a major research project, this distinguished book is an invaluable reference point for all those concerned with the future of the European Community

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing; First Edition (March 1, 1993)
Language: English
Paperback: 488 pages
ISBN-10: 1852788305
ISBN-13: 978-1852788308

Versão Portuguesa disponível para compra neste link

Elogio da Superioridade: uma ideia feroz de Universidade

Gago, José Mariano, "Elogio da Superioridade: uma ideia feroz de Universidade", in AA. VV., Colóquio - Educação e Sociedade, 3, Lisboa, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkien, 1993, pp. 67-77.

O estado das ciências em Portugal

Cordenação de José Mariano Gago

Biblioteca Nacional - Catalogação na Publicação
O estado das ciências em Portugal
Org. José Mariano Gago
(Nova enciclopedia; 37)
I. Gago, José Mariano
ISBN 972-20-l014-X
CDU 001.89(469)"19"

Ciência em Portugal

Coordination: José Mariano Gago

Gago, José Mariano (Coord.), Ciência em Portugal, Lisboa : Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, 1991

O Manifesto para a Ciência em Portugal, por José Mariano Gago (1990)

This manifesto is an essay.

It proposes an analysis of scientific development strategies based on the renewal of education, on the creation of scientific culture, on the rupture of Portuguese scientific isolation — isolation from abroad, but also the social and cultural, economic and political isolation of science in its own country.